Checkpoint: Moncofa

After a good couple of weeks to start off in September, we wrapped up the portion of our trip in Spain. The stops included Barcelona, Moncofa, Valencia, and a flight out of Madrid. This post details our time in Moncofa.


I found this rural beach village (in-between Castellón de la Plana and Valencia) back in May and thought it would be a great place to escape the city – sit back, unpack, and relax for five days. The place was cheap, splitting the cost of $39 a night ($13 each) for a three bedroom, two bath seaside flat. It seemed like one of those “too good to be true” deals and honestly, I think we were all a bit skeptical. After an hour and a half ride on the Renfe train out of Barcelona, we were dropped literally in the middle of nowhere. People living 30km away didn’t even know a place called Moncofa existed. After trekking a few miles and sweating off any toxins we acquired in Barcelona, we were introduced to this.


Skepticism in full blast. We continued on and somehow found a friendly taxi driver who was kind enough to take us tourists to the address I had on hand. Five euros and a thirty second ride later, we were there. I should note that in the five days we were there, we never once saw another taxi. To our luck, we were rough with our Spanish and the restaurant we were dropped off at didn’t know any english. Fortunately with enough hand gestures and some interpretive dance, we were able to get the keys and were led to this third floor apartment…

Moncofa Apt

High fives in full blast. I felt like I was eight years old again opening up a nintendo 64 on Christmas morning. Jay couldn’t close his mouth and Jesse exposed a new colorful way of describing his overwhelmed self. We spent the next few hours in awe and ended the next five days with night swims and deck workouts.

From Moncofa, we were fortunate to be driven this time to the train station (shout out to our host) and waited patiently for the next hour until the train arrived. Next: Valencia.

A great side-note update…

  • Despite being abroad, I am 3-0 on my fantasy team and was able to watch the Seahawks win in OT against the Broncos.

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