A Wrap on Barcelona

A quick film encompassing the past week in Barcelona. I didn’t carry the camera as often in order to soak everything in the “natural way”. Spent the last few+ days in the small village of Moncofa and are heading down to the city of Valencia tomorrow. Cheers!

Checkpoint: Barcelona, Spain from Levi Sawyers on Vimeo.

City Notes:

Renfe is the train in order to book tickets

Student prices are a definite save including admission to train, metro, and admissions

The further north traveled on the beaches, the less crowded (though too far north is full nudity… unexpected)

Restaurants two blocks off Las Ramblas saves on average 20%

HelloBCNHostel was by far the best in our opinion after visiting various other hostels during our stay

Don’t expect much from the internet in the city

We didn’t run into any pick-pocketers, though heard of a few scams from the beach. Pay attention and you’ll be fine.

About Levi

Rooted from the pacific northwest, undergraduate student in Colorado

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