Volume 7: C’est la vie

A march through history and love; I can’t think of another way to sum up France.

We landed at the Charles de Gaulle airport where luck struck us early. An older couple walked by and handed us their all day transportation tickets still valid for another 48 hours. Thank you.

We booked an apartment in the 19th arrondissement, a few blocks from a bustling downtown subway. The place was complete for us within blocks of everything we needed. As Jay and I kicked back from an early morning flight, we later cured our void of hunger with some [green] eggs and ham.

Welcome friends – I’m a few months late on these succeeding posts to settle this chapter of my journey. It has been a thrilling roller coaster to be writing from this spot and neglect to this site has come along with it. Yet, to think of everything that has evolved, it all happened in a blink.

I’ve chosen a group of photos to accompany these next few articles. The top portion of this post was in the air flying from Miami to Denver. I never finished this post, nor the others, but believe the photos will tell a story of their own.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me through this opportunity, spoken to me about the world, spread the love of God and made this segment of my life one I will forever remember, and never fully let go.

IMG_1547IMG_1549  IMG_6186IMG_0919IMG_0924IMG_0926IMG_0813image4-8image23IMG_1052IMG_1077image8-3image15-4image16-3image18-1IMG_1420IMG_1422IMG_1423image2-9image13-4IMG_0880image9-5


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