Volume 10: Greece

In honor of the upcoming release, I’m going to “Star Wars” this blog post and skip ahead to our time in Greece. Future posts will reflect back to France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Volume 11: Greece

The idea of heading south to Greece had been tossed around a few times but it wasn’t until Paris when we took the leap. Tickets purchased, apartment booked. A quick flight over from Rome and we were deep in history.

By the time we landed, night had fallen. It became one of those surprises the next morning when you wake up to see where you’re at and… we were all cheesing. The apartment itself was beautiful with modern glamour and every amenity. Looking over the balcony, we had a view of the up and coming district of Kerameikos as well as the Christmas Fair in the process of being set up. Once we stepped outside, it was a light trek up the hill where we found this:

Acropolis. Just as beautiful as a postcard and the history books in front of our faces in fourth grade. The closer we got as we hiked up the hill, the more our jaws dropped in absolute awe. All we had to do was turn around and we were overlooking the city of Athens. Before we knew it, we were standing in the footsteps of history where the apostle Paul delivered the gospel of our guy, Jesus Christ.


The finest part, we couldn’t have scripted the ending alone. While we were in Italy, we met up with our old friend from Iceland, Jake. During dinner, a group of gals walked by and as time passed, we became quickly acquainted with them. Before we knew it, we had invited everyone to Greece for Thanksgiving weekend and further to our surprise, they all accepted! Meet the two new individuals: Ása from Iceland and Hannah from Florida, both au pairs in Italy.

Just as the root of one of my inspirations, we had a Walter Mitty type of weekend in Greece. Thanksgiving dinner was a treat with the crew and as we finished, a strobe was flashing through our balcony window. Curiosity brought us outside as we watched the brilliance of a firework show light up our eyes. The night was young and fist pumps were prevalent.

The next morning continued the trance. After a “whatever’s left over” breakfast prepared by Jake, we headed to Piraeus- a port outside of the city. With literally seconds left, we boarded a boat taking off as it departed the dock, engines running. We bought our tickets for the first stop in Aegina, one of the Saronic islands off the coast of Greece, and went upstairs to look over the water. To our luck, we noticed dolphins gliding and frolicking about off the starboard quarter of the vessel. After a loud screech of joy, it brought everyone aboard to the side, cameras out.

image10-3 image19-1 image18-2 image11-3 image12-3 image8-5 image7-5  image4-7

The island was perfect. We rented mopeds, jumped in the sea, ate a handful of gyros, and spread the love honking with the locals. It will be a time I look back on, knowing we were blessed, that we had it good. Cheers!


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  1. Monica Kerr (Jake's Mom)

    By that incredible smile on Jake’s face, I can tell you all are really special people! Hope you get to Colorado!

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