Part One: Germany

After Jay and I split from Lisbon, I took a hefty leap east into the countryside of Germany. As I was departing, a young lady named Denise sitting next to me on the flight asked why I was heading to Frankfurt. After a brief explanation, she responded with little emotion, “say goodbye to the sun… you paid for this.”

No worries Denise. I was in Washington State when the record was set for most consecutive overcast days in Seattle. I played eight out of ten football games every year in the rain. I grew up in a Helly Hansen. I was optimistic. Cake.

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Though as Denise promised, Germany delivered. I arrived around noon with overcast skies and a light drizzle. Did I mention 12 degrees Celsius? It was the opposite of Portugal. Following baggage claim, I took over the handicap stall to exchange the shorts and t-shirt for some real clothes and blend back into the culture. I believe the only thing I was missing at this point was a scarf.

Shortly after walking out of customs, I was met graciously by my Aunt Mary. With her guidance, we made our way into the heart of Germany by various train stops and food outlets. It was back to the western influenced meals from the states with a McDonalds around every bend.

Luckily, traditional homemade meals are what Aunt Mary and company does best. I was greeted with Pearl’s handcrafted cinnamon (or zimt) rolls glazed with a healthy dose of sugar. Sydney made a tasty beef stew poured over my personal love of rice and in the morning, Aunt Mary scrambled up eggs from the chicken coop.

image5-3 image1-3


(Bottom left, Sophie and I reading bible stories; Bottom right, the cousin Sydney and I)

Alas, the good times wouldn’t last. The household soon emptied out back to the States as my Aunt would fly out of Berlin later in the week with the little ones. Pearl was planning her trip back as well and my other cousin, Sydney, would be starting her training with Lufthansa. A german household, Levi, and a VW Polo.

Imagine the country of Germany with a pin smack dab in the middle of it, that’s where she lives. The town is so centrally located that the line for East and West Germany is a walking trail away. It’s one of those places where you either learn the language or you don’t communicate at all. Another way of describing it would be Shannon’s paradise!


Before they left, the brilliant little Sophie asked me to make a film with her. We went out the day prior, filmed, ate some pears, and edited this together including her logo at the end. We call it: “Chasing Casper” – Enjoy!

Next: Poland

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    that video is adorable!

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