Volume 2: Oslo, Norway

The rooftop view from our loft

The rooftop view from our loft

A quick four day stop in Oslo concludes the Scandinavian tour for the time being. A country that differed from Iceland as it is filled with lakes, rivers, and more noticeably, trees.

As a short summary, the country side heading into Oslo reminisced of the temperate British Columbia fused with the rolling farms of Iowa. Once in Oslo, the architectural style of the buildings mirrored my perception of San Francisco (where I’m sure all of us, collectively, dislike the 49ers). We were fortunate to book a loft in Torshov, approximately 3km from the city center, from an architect-to-be named Erik. He filled us in on his favorite restaurants, bars, and places he would consider must-sees. Making the most of our location, we had ample access to everything the city had to offer. 

With our own place, we shopped at the local grocery store and made our meals during the stay to save from the scandinavian prices (Jesse bought a McDonalds meal for 16 USD… ouch). I would note that the best meal was my all-american breakfast gift to the lads after a night out exploring- eggs, bacon, and toast accompanied with apple juice.

This is not a good representation of our diet.. living outside of our budget for a morning

This is not a good representation of our diet.. living outside of our budget for a morning

Oslo in the end is its own and though we weren’t able to explore as much as we would have liked, it sets us up for our next stop. Barcelona.

Waiting for the tram

Waiting for the Tram back to the airport


Country Notes:

The Express train from the airport to Oslo S offers a student discount at 50% off – 85 NOK

The city tram and bus requires a pass not sold on the transportation vehicles. They can be bought at convenience stores or using their app “RuterBillet”. The student discount is only offered in the 30 day pass – 24 hour pass is 90 NOK

“Meny” became our grocery store of choice as it seemed the most affordable

The best running trail in the city is along the Akerselva River which far enough north leads to a beauty of a lake

A lot of the individuals did not know how to run a credit card on their machines… After swiping it, hit stop on the console then press OK. It will then run your card as credit instead of debit. For me, this saved on international charges.

There were no problems communicating with others in English and found a lot of individuals who were excited about our origin

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