Now is Good


Freeing a chapter of life isn’t easy. The effortless route would be to tell someone to always look forward and never look back. I have found though that concluding one episode and moving onto the next is a process. Now that I have graduated, I find myself in the hallway with one door closed without the ability to open the next.


“Suffering teaches sweet understanding” – Marshall Ball


Over the past two months, I have been humbled by notes, gifts, and the presence of those who know me too well. During this time, I have also been challenged by disappointment and defeat. To say it has been easy would be a lie; however I can’t count how many times others have stepped in unknowingly.


About a month ago, a fellow friend of mine I met for the first time back in December reached out to me. He called late at night and we spoke for some time about a few difficult topics. He offered me certain life advice, told some stories, and shared his insight. Towards the end of our conversation, I asked him a question as he had stated he had been in a similar place in life: “Was it easy?” – He chuckled lightly at first, then responded, “It wasn’t easy, but good things don’t come easy.”


Simplicity has its rewards and when it’s said at the right moment, it never leaves. As I replay it in my mind effortlessly, I recognize how fortunate I am to be presented with the forthcoming opportunities and the ones yet to come. The friend that I spoke with had the sweet understanding of suffering. As I plan my course, I will continue to trust in the establishment of my steps.


Proverbs 16:9

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Rooted from the pacific northwest, undergraduate student in Colorado

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