The Itinerary

Depart Denver, CO August 19th

Arrive Reykjavik, Iceland August 20th


Depart Reykjavik, Iceland August 28th

Arrive Oslo, Norway August 28th


Depart Oslo, Norway August 31st

Arrive Barcelona, Spain September 1st


Depart Barcelona, Spain September 5th

Arrive Moncofa, Spain September 5th


Depart Moncofa, Spain September 10th

Arrive Valencia, Spain September 10th


Depart Valencia, Spain September 13th

Arrive Madrid, Spain September 13th


Depart Madrid, Spain September 15th

Arrive Lisbon, Portugal September 16th


Depart Lisbon, Portugal October 21st

Arrive Frankfurt, Germany October 21st


Depart Berlin, Germany October 26th

Arrive Wroclaw, Poland October 26th


Depart Wroclaw, Poland October 29th

Arrive Frankfurt, Germany October 30th


Depart Frankfurt, Germany November 11th

Arrive Paris, France November 12th


Depart Paris, France November 18th

Arrive Milan, Italy November 18th


Depart Milan, Italy November 20th

Arrive Lugano, Switzerland November 20th


Depart Lugano, Switzerland November 21st

Arrive Milan, Italy November 21st


Depart Milan, Italy November 22nd

Arrive Rome, Italy November 23rd


Depart Rome, Italy November 25th

Arrive Athens, Greece November 25th


Depart Athens, Greece December 1st

Arrive Oslo, Norway December 1st



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